NXT Loaner Kit Rules

There is a $25 fee per semester. You will be charge replacement cost for any missing sensors, cables, wire, or power cord.


Kits must be inventoried using the sheet under the bottom tray of each tub before returning. Please write the number of any missing parts next to the picture. Your school will have to pay a deposit to borrow kits next year if you return them unsorted. Please place kits in office and send me an email liz (period) rayment at action-works (period) org when you are ready for pickup.


DO NOT WRITE ON THE LAMINATED CARDBOARD PARTS LIST FOR ANY REASON even if you think you are using something that will wipe off.


Do not put tape or anything sticky on the bricks or kits. The bricks can be named through the software.


If you are short parts (miscount by us or the last group) please send me an email


Leave robots/kits in a locked area.


Kits must stay at school. We have 2 problems when kits go to residences. We lose more parts and they often come back with pet hair in the parts which is difficult but necessary to remove due to allergies.


Please remind students to look around for any dropped parts as soon as they are dropped and at the end of every session. It is helpful to put the kit away when working on programming.


When possible please avoid substituting different colored parts. We know our kits are sometimes used with other kits. This makes it essential to inventory kits all before returning. Each of our kits is used by up to 40 students per year in classes, competitions, camps, and clubs.


We have a limited number of replacement parts and we will need to charge you if your kit is returned missing major parts.


Please be sure to put the following in your kits:

  • Booklet (bottom of white tub)
  • Power cords
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Download cables
  • Connection wires
  • Sensors
  • All of the long beams, wheels, and tires (we lose way too many of these!!)