Hosting a VEX Event


Action Works Assistance for New Event Partners

We share the cost of the games/equipment across all the teams that use it. For 2014-15 the fee is $125 plus $0.50/mile transport. We recommend limiting the event to 16 teams.

What we can bring:

·        2 fields & games

·        field controllers

·        computers for scoring

·        monitors

·        power cords for pits and equipment

·        flags

·        some safety glasses

·        sizing boxes

·        competition switch for inspection

·        expertise to help you and your volunteers run your event

What you additionally provide:

·        Laptop with TMS installed and configured to act as server with driver for printer below installed. (We can help you set up TMS with a Skype shared desktop call.)

·        Printer

·        One volunteer per team at your event plus volunteers to run concessions if you have concessions

·        Score sheets

·        Inspection sheets

·        Facility (see below)

·        Schedule

·        Tables & chairs(see below)

·        PA system if available

·        Projector & screen (if desired)

·        Facility rules such as what type tape, if any, is allowed on floors to secure power cords. Usually painters tape is OK but regular masking and duct tape can pull up wax or leave residue.

·       Tarps for high school wooden gym floors if using gym

·      Uploading of scores after event

2 -3 scorekeeping
2 skills field
2-3 per field for field reset and referees
4-6 per pit table
2-3 per check-in table
Audience chairs

You will need
1 table per team
1 for scorekeeping
1 for skills field
2 per field for queuing can double as inspection table(s)
1-2 for check in
1 trophy table
volunteer food

How to get volunteers:
We get our volunteers from friends, family, coworkers, and anyone looking for volunteer hours. Well, actually, anyone that doesn’t look away fast enough. A google form works well for sign-up.

Minimum Volunteer positions
1 event manager
1 volunteer coordinator
2 referees per competition field (send links to refs 2-3 weeks ahead of competition)
1 referee for skills field
1 extra referee is nice to have in case one does not show up. The floater can provide breaks.
Inspection – if you have trained referees they can do inspection while new referees are being trained. Otherwise, you will need 2-4 people depending on how much time you have for inspection. If it looks like not all the teams can get through, ask for an experienced coach or two to help.
1 Head Ref
2 queuers per competition field who start the day with check in
1 pit runner per competition field if pit is not in same room as competition fields; works with queuers
1 field manager
2 scorekeepers for competition field(s)
1 scorekeeper for skills field
2 field reset minimum per field or have teams reset field(s). It’s common to have teams reset Skills.
2 Judges per 6-10 teams. They commonly work in pairs. Paring mandatory if working in another room with teams.
1 Judge Advisor – trains the judges and keeps them on schedule
Practice Field supervisor – If short volunteers can place practice field near Skills field for monitoring. If short fields, the Practice field becomes the Skills field.

Set up/ Tear down
We often ask teams to help set up if we cannot setup the night before, tear down, and clean up. This keeps down the cost of the events by reducing custodian/facility hours and volunteers. You should plan on 1-1.5 hours to setup, 6 hours for the event (depending on the number of teams, use TM to estimate this), 1-1.5 hour load out and clean up.

A cafeteria or gym works best for the competition fields if you can get it. However typically you need to put down floor protection on gym floors as the high school gym floors are expensive. Many schools have big tarps to roll out. Sometimes you have to borrow it from another school. You will also have to use anti-static spray if on tarps. The cafeteria is best for the pit area. For a small event it is easier to have it all together. Once you know how many teams and the size of your tables you can figure out your pit area. You will need 12’ x 12’ for each VEX field with 6’-8’ between.