Sponsorship infomation for STEM programs

Sponsors are one of our most important stakeholders.  We could not do the work we do without their support.  There are several ways that companies and individuals support our programs.

    • Donated space -We are seeking funding for or donation of a physical location and equipment to create, test, and refine a repeatable model for students and adults to learn and explore technology with the experienced mentoring novices.


    • Financial support - many companies have chosen this path to help the program.  Our commitment is that 100% of the funds go to support these programs.  We are all volunteer driven and as such have no overhead expenses to these programs.


    • Volunteer support - a great example of this is the program with GE Energy.  They supported purchasing the materials for the FIRST® LEGO League tables and then supplied the volunteers to build the tables.  Other companies have donated volunteers and have won the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for their service to these programs. Woodward earned this award in 2010 and 2011.


  • Donated equipment support - these technology rich programs need computers and equipment to continue to grow and prosper.  Donations of used computer equipment from companies such as Woodward is a vital part of our program