2017 VEX IQ World Championship Colorado Winners

Congratulations to 10424G Arigato Sr. Roboto from Central Elementary in Longmont for bringing home the Build Award. This award is given to the team with the most sturdy and well-crafted robot.

In the VEX IQ Elementary Division 10424D Flying Hamburgers from Central Elementary in Longmont won Technology Division Teamwork Challenge Champions. Congratulations! Their alliance partner was from China. https://vimeo.com/215056742

Six alliances advanced from the Division Championships to the main stage in one last attempt to win the overall World Champion.  They missed 1 ball that would have tied them for 3rd and ended up finishing 4th overall in the World

Here is their Driving Skills run. 

Here is their Programming Skills run.

Thank you Danny Hernandez for providing the details and links.