Denver Mini Maker Faire May 3 & 4 2014

The Denver Mini MakerFaire May 3 and 4 2014 was a great success.  We met a bunch of new students and potential coaches and we had several demonstrations and projects.  

1) LEGO Mindstorms hands on programming course.  Using a prior year FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (tm) challenge kids were be able to program and run a robot.

2) 3D printer with DELTA robot of our own design... designed and made by one of our volunteers.

3) ShopBot hands on project making a puzzle cube.  The solution to the puzzle is linked here. Also we demonstrated carving a Aztec Sun Stone. If you did not get to the Booth and want to purchase a carved Aztec Sun Stone we will send you one for a donation of $50.

4) VEX and VEX IQ robots

Survey form to ask about interest in robotics class for students.

Pro League interest survey - We are looking for companies / adults to form a Pro League... want to show your stuff in robotics? 

Interested in helping at events?  Our Volunteer form is attached here.

well programmed robot 

A successful program running at the Denver Mini Maker Faire