2012 CSU-Pueblo VEX Qualifier

Photos here

Press - A nice article in Chieftain:

We had a wonderful time in Pueblo. What a beautiful facility with great faculty, students and programs. Unfortunately I do not have email addresses for some of the CSU-P student volunteers to send then thanks so I hope they read this.

The Mechatronics Program at CSU-Pueblo looks really great and could be a great destination for you robotics enthusiasts.



Despite having never seen the facility and having the highest percentage of new volunteers since 2007 we had very few glitches. That is after Dr. Jaksic, Program Director Mechatronics, saved the day by getting us a router when our switch wouldn’t connect the fields and computers. A big thanks to the teams that help us set up and load out – it was the easiest it has ever been. Thanks to our tireless field reset volunteers - Liam, Jessica, and Nicoli– we really needed at least twice as many. Great job by the referees, scorekeepers, check-in, queuers, Judges, and of course Ken, Ruth, Gary, and Mark for the many details they handled.

Thank you teams for bringing some really impressive robots and to those that pitched in on field reset.